Why my Handmade Geometric Jewelry on Etsy store doesn’t have Sales.

I have been trying to make my Handmade Geometric Jewelry Etsy store work for a while now. But I need to be honest, it hasn’t always been Geometric Jewellery. In Fact , in the beginning I started with crocheted cushions and hats. That was my first mistake! We all live and learn!

I decided to leave my crocheted cushions and hats in the shop anyway, mainly because I didn’t know what else to do with them. The last sale I had before today was a cushion! And Yes, I finally had a sale today, after nearly 2 months of no sales!

So what have I improved and what have I learned?

Keep the same style!

This small rule will help you in all different ways, and it will help me if I will stick to it more! Yes, I am not perfect and I just love to experiment! But to everyone out there – same style items and similar photos will boost your sales!

I have been focusing more on Geometric Jewelry and whoalla! A sale happened only after 3 weeks since I posted my first geometric earrings!

Tell the story!

I learned this a while ago, but I needed to be reminded many times until I finally started to make stories about my handmade jewellery items! I still haven’t upgraded all of the jewelry stories, as I have nearly 150 of items, and I also have other responsibilities in life (jazz playing and guitar teaching), but yes, it is on my to do list!

Make the pictures look as good as possible!

My shop has a variety of pictures but recently I discovered a method of improving them, such as removing the background from the original photo. Because I love being creative, I wanted to try other ways of displaying the items which made me try different backdrops. But, if you take away the background and leave it blank, it really makes you look at the Jewelry itself without being distracted by any colors or patterns from the background. If you really want to showcase your creativity more, post pictures of how the items will be packaged. You can do this or showcase jewerly (or whatever your are selling) from other angles with 4 additional photos.

Improve Improve Improve!

Improve in everything! Marketing, Social media, Pictures, Stories, Customer service, And yes – Jewellery making it self! I constantly do research on everything, watch tutorials and come up with new designs. I want to become better each day! And this way of thinking will benefit everyone not only Etsy sellers. This is for all the human beings and for life! Your life simply will be better, if you never stop learning!


Research SEO and keywords, learn the best ways to use them (posting the right keywords in the right places, but including content).

Social Media

Everything Helps! Blogging, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, Google plus, Facebook and every other social media you can think of!

Email list

I havn’t created email list yet, mainly because I don’t have enough sales yet, but it’s in my to do list and will be done soon! That is very important. When you do that, make sure you send emails to people who actually are interested in your crafts and write emails the way they are fun to read!

These are only few tips for those out there who are struggling with sales on Etsy. And there are much more tips to share, read, discover, learn! Not all of them I am aware of. I am still learning and never I will never stop.
All of these things has to be done in the very beginning! That will make your sales happen much faster!
I am one of those people, who are spontaneous and likes to do things first but think later! But you can be better than me!
I am being very honest and not even trying to tell you how perfect everything I do is. I have a lot of information in my brain though, and I love to share it! And My geometric jewellery store is slowly growing.

You can look how it is growing here – Etsy – MajorMinorShop

Thank you for stopping by! Comments are appreciated!

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