Are Celebrities real people, and do they wear handmade Etsy jewellery?

As an Etsy Jewellery seller I wonder if celebrities would enjoy some of my rustic style handmade pieces? 

Celebrities are real people and I suggest to everyone that they never meet them in real life! Why? Because if you have idolized them, then you will probably see all of their flaws and wish you never did! If you look up to someone and are inspired by her/him, it’s often better not to see the real side of that person. I have experienced this possibly 100 times in my life or even more. I idolized different musicians and well-known people many times in my life, until I stopped. I stopped idolizing them after being disappointed again and again, and all of this is because of expectations! I have learned to stop it! I stop having expectations about anything. (I am lying! It’s actually impossible to do!) But I definitely have much less expectations in my everyday life.

What has inspired me to write about this subject?

Today I accidentally discovered a celebrity amongst my guitar students. I don’t always ask my students what they do for a living or what their life is about. But this particular young woman, when I first started teaching her, told me that she was a singer, without mentioning or hinting anything else. I always ask my students what their goals are regarding guitar lessons. But since I know 500+ singers in this town, I didn’t pay too much attention to the fact that she sings. In my world, every third person I meet is a singer. However, today I discovered she is buying a house at the age of 19… Oh well! 🙂 I typed her name into google and there she was! Appearing in lots of red carpet spotlight pictures!. It’s all cool. These things do not impress me too much, and I will not ask her to wear my Etsy jewelry for the red carpet! LOL (Although, I do love her music and I will listen to it more!)

Who could wear my jewelry?

This made me wonder. Since I started making jewelry I have been paying more attention to what kind of jewellery women are wearing, and comparing it to my pieces. I don’t make gold or silver pieces, neither do I make shiny posh accessories for the red carpet. But then I remembered Bjork. It is quite possible for her to be my customer. Some of my pieces are strange like she is. And, my rustic handmade look might go nicely together with her crazy fashion ideas. On the subject of celebrities, even Kim Kardashian wears geometric jewelry. However, my jewellery might have to cost 10-50 times more for her to buy it, as she probably assumes that price is quality and she would rather spend more money than less. Many people seem to think that price indicates quality. I am not saying that this isn’t true, but it is most certainly only true in half of cases. Price is something that is made up in every single case.

Why celebrities are no different from us

At the end of the day celebrities are just people who figured out how to sell themselves as brands. They wake up every morning naked and without makeup as every single one of us. They are born as babies and one day they will die as everyone else does. The only difference is-they will be remembered a few more years longer than others. They go to the toilet, they laugh and cry, they fall in love and can get heartbroken, they are at the same risk of getting cancer as everyone else. The only difference is, they are more seen in the public eye. And, they have learned how to show themselves in the best light possible. Even though sometimes they choose the bad light for even more attention and publicity reasons.

But who knows, maybe one day I will start making posh jewellery for them. And yes, it will also be handmade because most jewelry is! It is most likely that I will not sell it in the jewelry section, but in the posh online store. In the meantime though come and check my newest rustic and cool makings from polymer clay! Even if you are a celebrity!

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