Why women tend to wear one piece of jewelry more than anything else?

Women like their jewelry! But there is this one piece of jewelry that every woman wears the most. Sometimes it’s a wedding ring! Other times it is just a jewelry piece that holds meaning for her. Maybe it’s not the most valuable piece of jewellery they have and not even the most beautiful. But what is beautiful to one woman isn’t always beautiful to someone else.




We are all human and we love stories! We are often attached to certain jewelry because of our memory. Because of a life event that happened when we bought this jewelry piece or received it as a gift. Women wear gemstones to attract more wealth or love. Because the seller told them a story about the meaning of the gemstone. There are many symbols used in pendants or earrings, and many meanings connected to certain types of jewelry pieces. However, sometimes the story attached to the jewelry piece has nothing to do with common knowledge about that particular gemstone!

My earrings from Spain, Almeria

When I traveled to Almeria in Spain last year I noticed a special symbol used everywhere. This totem was on houses, on doors, on windows and yes, in jewelry as well. 

The name of this symbol is Indalo. It has been customary to paint the Indalo symbol on the front of houses and businesses to protect them from evil and is considered to be a god totem. Legend has it that the Indalo was a ghost that could hold and carry a rainbow in his hands.

Is this story real? Was there a ghost? Most likely not! But someone or a group of people have spent hell loads of time to tell this story over and over again until the story has become a legend and until the Indalo symbol is used everywhere in the area!

I have Idalo earrings and they are still one of my favorite jewelry pieces. However, I have my own story attached to them and my own meaning I hold dear to my heart. They simply remind me of my first holiday I had with my boyfriend. And he bought them for me. So these earrings are also a dear present from a loved one.

We all need stories to survive life and to make it more colorful! We all tell stories and sometimes lie to ourselves just to make ourselves feel better! Stories are important and they make our lives more interesting and beautiful!  And that little jewelry piece that you hold dear to your heart is most likely surrounded by a beautiful story. Either it’s the meaning of the gemstone, a symbol of something you believe in or your own life experience.

I want to encourage you to tell me your story about your favorite jewelry piece in the comment section!

I look forward to reading your story!


  1. Great article Nora. I have stories about all my jewellery that I love the most. Funnily enough, the earrings I wear each day are nothing special. I’ve had them for zillions of years and they have no story. I guess I’ve created the story by making them part of my daily routing. If only they could talk…or not! Suzanne

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  2. My favorite piece of jewelry was the first gold ring, my mom bought for me when I started college.. It doesn’t fit me anymore but I still keep it for its priceless!!

    Beautiful post of how we sentimentally attach ourselves to things and memories attached to them.

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  3. I always wear my wedding ring, an eternity ring my husband designed and had made and an unusual ring I bought in Australia. A pair of gold earrings my husband bought for me. A bracelet my son bought for me, a necklace with a rose quartz stone held in what looks like a birds claw, which is unusual and always gets commented on.

    Each piece I love because they are gifts either from family or to myself. Sometimes I’ll add larger rings, or change my necklace or earrings. But the wedding and eternity rings remain, along with bracelet from my son.

    It’s true they do all have a story but mostly they make me think of my family and how much I love them.

    Nice post.

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  4. Such a lovely piece.There are 3 pieces of jewellery I wear every day.3 gold bangles ,a pair of hooped small earrings and a gold chain.
    These very rarely come off.
    My earrings are from Saudi and were given to me about 12 years ago by my then lil cousin of 5.It has now been 3 years since she has passed so these are very special

    My chain is probably 50years old.My gran who is 80 used to wear it all the time until about 2 months ago she gave it to me.

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