11 reasons why women shouldn’t worry about their size

1- Look at the famous sculptures!

Old famous sculptures shows you what was considered beautiful in other centuries. And the curviness was a beauty standard. 

2 – Being skinny was considered less beautiful only 60 years ago!

As you can see in the following article and in these ads!

The vintage ads which encouraged women to put ON weight before hitting the beach
3 – They brainwash you about beauty standards

They only do that to sell more skinny pills, exercise programs and books about diets. They want to make money on the fact that you don’t feel beautiful enough. If you would feel beautiful just the way you are, they wouldn’t earn any money. Why would you support this industry?
4 – Every human have different gens.

It is the same way when you are born black, white or Asian, or if you are born with black hair or blond hair. You can color your hair every week again and again but it will grow back the same color as it was in the beginning. Some women naturally have bigger breasts or bigger ass. And usually their mother looks very similar! You are simply born with these gens. And it would not look proportional if your boobs are big but your ass is small (as it may happen after being on the diet). That just looks strange! Don’t get me wrong! I m not saying that exercising and eating healthy is a bad thing! Just don’t fall into the trap of feeling unworthy or not beautiful if you don’t do these things!

 5 – Remember sex symbol Marilyn Monroe!

6 – Because many guys doesn’t like skinny woman.

They just don’t. (Good male friend of mine actually told me a story how he broke up with the girl because she was skinny.) Some man like skinny and some like curvy women. The same as some of us loves olives, but some prefers to have fish and chips! The same as we all have different bodies, skin tones and hair colors, we all also have different tastes!

7 – Well, this will be extreme! …. But, there is even industry where huge women are earning money only by being huge. They set up cameras in their house, and horny men who likes huge women are watching how they eat all the time. This one is crazy! But if you are very big size woman, just consider this new possible income stream! And just be proud of your bigness! Why not? There are many men out there who dreams about really huge women!

8 – Because size doesn’t define your worth! 

Learn, work hard and succeed in life! You will be admired by what you have done and that is million times more important than the way you look. Sometimes really beautiful woman don’t want to hear compliments about their looks anymore. They want to hear compliments about what they have done! 

9 –  Men who likes skinny woman are just brainwashed!

They are brainwashed the same as all the rest of the world, including me and you. It is silly! I am not saying skinny women are not beautiful, but in my opinion, skinniness is not what makes them beautiful! We all are beautiful! Especially for the fact that we all are different!

10 – Because your body is your temple, it is what keeps you alive and you should love and respect it just the way it is!

11 – Because food is one of those wonderful reasons why to be alive! And you shouldn’t stop yourself from eating tasty food because of silly adverts, models and fashion industry, because of Photoshop that fakes beauty!

Love yourself just the way you are! Fashion comes and goes. And you could the one who makes the curvy popular just by being yourself and by being admired. 

I am looking forward to read more reasons why women should love themselves! Or just find out how you feel about this and what is your story.

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