8 jewerly choosing tips

Have you ever wondered what it is that you actually want in your jewerly? Here are some tips to help you decide what to buy!

  • 1. Style! There are so big choice out there. Jewelry that is sparkly, chick, tribal, minimalist and geometric and so many other choices. But you most likely know what is your favorite. But, is you still not sure what to pick style wise then just do your research on web! ( Do not worry! Follow my blog to find out more in the next blog posts!)
    2. Material! – silver, gold, diamond, polymer clay, gemstone and list continues. Some earrings can be from or more materials. For example jewerly can be polymer clay earrings with sterling silver hooks.
  • small ball earrings
    Polymer clay jewelry with sterling silver hooks. These earrings also looks as gemstones! Perfect for casual wear!

    3. Colour! Sometimes you just want something that match your new dress!

  • 4. Shape! For example long shaped earrings are suggested to wear to women who have shorter necks. Stylists says that long earrings makes your neck look longer! If you wonder what it best for your neck or face type just do your research on the web! Maybe search for stylist blogs!
    5. Size! There are these days when you just feel like standing out of the crowd! That day you will choose something bigger and more noticeable as your accessories. Maybe big tribal earrings can solve this problem of not being noticed?
  • big tribal earrings big tribal earrings, African look, mixed colors, hand made and rustic look
  • 6. Comfort! For example lightweight earrings with gold or sterling silver hooks will be more comfortable to wear! As some woman have allergies that doesn’t allow to wear some metals in their ears.
  • 7. Occasion! Of course, if you are a bride you will choose something white. For the funeral you will choose black jewellery. Maybe you want just something casual for every day wear? Or something more fancy that goes together with your evening dress?
    8. Energies, symbols, zodiac signs. Some colours, shapes and gemstones are known to attract more wealth, more love or anything you want to attract in your life. And, each horoscope sign have a colour and a gemstone! You can always wear your colour or your stone in the jewelry to compliment your horoscope sign!

Here you may find what you are looking for !

Major minor shop – jewerly

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