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Do it now

First of all, hi there.

I haven’t been writing recently. Life was in the way. But not only that. I am musician, designer and even more things. Even though I love writing I sometimes have another priorities. But since I have opened the new shop on Etsy I decided to write few lines.

So why you should do it now???

1 – Life is short! And longer you wait the older you get. Simple! Yes, sometimes you want to prepare for you want to do. However “do it now” also means –  don’t wait to prepare as well. The main thing is – don’t be afraid. Not about what others could think or about possible mistakes. Failure is only an opportunity to learn. By doing it now you will learn either way!

2 – Life is short!

3 – Life is short!

Someone told me recently – “maybe I have to be careful what I am doing because life is short, because there shouldn’t me that many fuck ups if life is short. ”

But I am sure you have heard it million times, but! – Have you ever heard about old man near death regretting his failures or things he didn’t do?

There are so many reasons why not. Fear is meant to be fought. Fear will never go away if you will not stop it destroying your life!

Go and do whatever you wanted to do for years and months! And even if you failed, at least you did it! At least you tried. There is nothing worse than “not trying”!

Love you the reader!

Here is a reminder for you – for the next year maybe? – key chain –  click on the link

do it now




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