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Success of my new Etsy shop – Personalized keyrings

Hi there, so haven’t been writing for a while. But just wanted to tell you how happy I am feeling about every new sale in my new etsy store. It’s been open only for 1 month and yes, I already get sales every day! My new Etsy store sells personalized gifts that are mostly hand stamped keyrings at the moment. Nice gifts for boyfriends and husbands. Cool gifts for teenage boys from star wars and inspirational quotes for best friends.

star wars quote
Star wars – teenage boy gift – key ring

This particular listing can be found here.

But just wanted to tell you about my experience.

I have been running my first online Etsy business for 9 months. It has been a journey! ( Major minor shop )




I had so many mistakes! ( and I still have them… ) I started the shop with hats! Crocheted hats! After a month or 2 I got bored of it and I also realized that weather was getting warmer and it was really not the season for hats! So my next thing was cushions! Crocheted cushions! Until this day I have only sold 2 of them btw! My mistakes was photos, prices, SEO, descriptions and just general mish mash in the shop. As after few months I realized that pillows doesn’t really sell and takes much longer time to make for the average price that Etsy  have for pillows. So I switched to polymer clay jewelry! It was fun times! I made many designs and had fun making it! However, I have not been on profit at all. I have spend much more money on polymer clay and all the things I needed to make jewelry than I have made on my shop. As until this day I had only 21 sales in my jewelry shop! And that includes 2 hats and 2 pillows… So yes, jewelry really have too much competition out there. Plus polymer clay somehow is not very popular… I even tried 2 virtual assistants on my shop. One of them pretty much messed up my shop. He did few changes in SEO, photos and describtions but at the end, when I had time to check what he have done he made mistakes as talking about polymer clay in crocheted earrings listing and he titled listing as earrings even though it have keyring pictures, he put a lot of wrong measurements and many other things I had to deal with afterwards. This was only one of my mistakes. Yes, I consider this as mine not his fault. Because I had to check when he did it, I had to choose assistant more carefully. And mainly, I had to be less lazy and just research more things and change things in my shop myself! Until I get proper busy! And not lazy!!!

I did fixed most of these mistakes in my new shop. And it worked out! After only 2 and half weeks I started getting sales in my keyring gift shop! And sales have been coming in since… Maybe its Christmas… But even though its Christmas my jewelry shop doesn’t get that many sales at all. It is still very slow. Possibly because I haven’t cleared it out from all the mistakes I have made.

To have more success I use twitter, facebook, google plus, hootsuite, and super cool Marmalead web page for SEO!

Things that I did better in my new shop-

  • Research. What crafts works better on Etsy…
  • Marmalead SEO!!!
  • One shop – one style and one kind of items
  • Using only one background colour in pictures
  • Using a bit of pixl online picture editor
  • The same style in descriptions
  • Titles and keywords – SEO SEO and SEO!!!
  • Hootsuite scheduling social media
  • Twitter with pictures
  • Renewing listings often
  • Listing new stuff every day or every 2 days
  • and one more very important thing….. I try to make each customer happy… with a little hand written note and generally replying very fast to custom orders and make them have a good experience with my shop.. because customer is what makes the shop success
boyfriend gift
boyfriend / husband gift – keyring “Love you to the moon and back”

Thank you for reading and check my shop out!

Bees Hand Stamped Gifts


  1. GREat post ! I can totally relate. I had a menswear line selling on Etsy. I made maybe 1 sale from it. Now I have reversible pocket squares. I made a few sales, last year and earlier this year was better but lately it’s taking a slump. I know I don’t promote enough but I think there just may not be enough interest for my product because it’s mainly for men. I’d love if you can take a look at it and let me know your thoughts.


    1. Hi! Just had a look at your shop. It seems lovely. But go and have a research on Marmalead!!!! There you will find what keywords to use and what to put in titles. Because possibly people simply don’t look for things you wrote on your titles and tags. For example if you look in my shop for key ring “Love you to the moon and back” – it is is not written on the title at all because people search much more for things like ” boyfriends gift” and “husbands gift” . I hope that helps a bit. And that keyring sells a lot. The same as star wars quote keyring. I didn’t put the quote on the title…


    1. Hi! Oh well, I barely have time to make all the orders at the moment. I have more responsibilities as guitar teaching every day and gigging and organizing jazz gigs ( booking people and advestising etc.). I don’t really have days off at the moment. So I don’t have time to go and sell them anywhere else but online. But I never wanted to sell things other way than online. Online was my goal while self learning about business this year. Thank you for commenting. Hope you are well 🙂


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