pinterest beginner

Pinterest love for beginners

pinterest beginner
pinterest beginner


I am a pinterest beginner. It’s fun to be added to some very popular boards. It really feels like it’s more valuable than pinning to my own boards. However, I started this particular pinterest account only recently. On the 28th of December, to be exact. So it has been approximately 2 weeks. And I managed to gain 305 followers at this point. I like pinning. I also followed a lot of people. While pinning I find some nice blogs to read. I love pinning down quotes too! I started pinning quotes because my currently newest Etsy business have quotes on keyrings. However, more I pin different quotes, more ideas I start having about other businesses. And I just like quotes. They are fun, insightful, inspirational and just makes you think sometimes. Today I have found 2 interesting bloggers. One is about not successful income blogging. You can read it here. And another one is about traveling family. You can read it here. I wish I could figure out that one day. How to travel full time. I have one little problem already though. My boyfriend Laurie doesn’t want to do it full time and not even 1 month! Maybe one day I will convince him. It doesn’t seem big enough reason to break up as well, as in all the other ways he is amazing. And traveling alone, hmm, it might be sad at times. And relationships are important to me. It is the same when people jeopardize their families because of money and business. You need to set your priorities straight! And money doesn’t make anyone 100 percent happy!

I have been following Pat Flynn these days. He is the “passive income” guru. And he is also many more things. Including charity organisations guy. ( that was my first impression about him). He is very family orientated. I like that about him too. And I learn a lot as well. I listen to his podcasts every day. I do prefer periscope in general. However, he isn’t talking about blogging and passive income on periscope too much. Charlene Johnson does though. But then again, she uses the same material for podcast and blog. So I don’t need to listen to her podcast if I have seen her periscope broadcast.

Pinterest is a lot for bloggers. It does seem that way. I definitely love this platform and I am happy to keep doing it! As I am learning in the process and finding nice blog posts all the time!

pinterest beginner
pinterest beginner









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