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8 tips how to find best Virtual Assistant for your business


Everyone from the virtual entrepreneur world ( including Pat Flynn of course) is talking about virtual assistants in Philippines. They are good people, hard workers and the cost is much smaller than hiring someone in USA or Europe.

Here I will give you few tips how I am finding virtual assistants for my business.

You can go through many CVs and try to find the one with the best skill score, but I decided to just give them tests. And then only after I have decided that I liked how the completed my test I checked their CVs. I did want them to provide the biggest ID proof score possible as well. If they passed the test 1, the next thing I asked was how fast they can do a certain thing and how much that would cost me.

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8 tips

1 –  Test them before hiring them

Explain in the detail what they need to do. Some people tend to not pay attention to the detail and if you want quality work, you simply need to test if they have read your instructions carefully. And why not to test all of them?  It is really copy paste the test instructions.

2- Test all of the applicants

Come up with the test that will prove you that they are worth hiring.

Example –

My test was to do certain thing with the photo. I wanted them to create handstamped letters on the keyring. It is almost impossible to do so on photoshop with actual fonts there. As the real picture have hand stamped letters. I explained that it need to to be as close to the real picture as possible, same size letters, same font, not perfect and the font most likely is something they can’t use from the photoshop. Only 2 people from 30 have send me picture as I wanted the first time. Few others have send me what I wanted int he 2nd try. My next tests will involve they giving me keyword research on particular titles using . And what I have noticed again, they don’t read instructions carefully ! Only few does. The trick is to find someone who pays attention to detail, have enough experience, is fast in replying your emails and is affordable to you. If I have much more successful business I would be happy to pay them twice as much though! And I hope after all the process will be 10-100 times faster with the help of virtual assistant, I expect my business to grow super fast! Keep up with this blog to see how I am doing!

3 – How fast and how much ?

Ask 1 question to all of the ones who passed your test – how fast they can do a certain thing and how much that would cost ( this way I have found some good price options)

4 – Trial period –  When they completed all the tests good and ask the best price for their work, hire them for trial period. And check their work during this time ( and sometimes afterwards)

People sometimes tries their best in the application process but stop trying as much later when they are working. Time to time do check if they are doing

5 -Internet connection

You need to find out if their internet connection i fast enough if the work needs to be done online

6 – Have a skype interview just to see the vibe of person. You need to like them as well if you gonna work together

7 – Give as clear instruction as possible !

8 – If you have doubts ask for references or check their reviews if they have some.

This is where I have chosen most of my candidates –

Virtual assistant in Philippines


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