Gifts with quotes on them

Inspirational Quotes is something people just love! And I love them too. And keyrings with quotes on them are the best gifts! But not only that. People love everything with quotes really. T-shirts, mugs, posters, panties… And yes, even instant downloads with simple quotes on them.

My current shop is not only keychains with handstamped quotes on them but also Customised Keyrings. Yes, it’s all handmade and can be personalised and is send out 1-2 working days time. What can be better than that?

I had really busy times during period before Valentines day. It was truly crazy! I had to cancel many of my guitar students just to keep up with my orders. Some money came in too of course and that gives me opportunity to move things forward. Start my next business and work on the current one ( Keyring shop ). I also have Polymer jewelry shop on Etsy, but that one was never too successful for some reason. I also moved on and stopped put any work in it ( maybe that is why it never become big success). There still some sale happen time to time though.

I also started to look for outsourcing. Not only for online assistants in Philippines ( it is an affiliate link. So if you click on it and hire some Philippine workers then I would get tinny bit of percent about it.) I also started to look for people who could b stamping keyrings for me too. Including my boyfriend who is musician the same as me and needs some extra money. He currently have some stamps he can practice on as well. As currently I don’t have as many sales as it was during Valentines day fever, I can’t hire anyone at the moment. I also gave practice stamps to one more person who I have found on Gumtree. Funny enough he turned out to be musician too.

But since this post was not suppose to be only about me I wanted to show you few cool gift ideas form my shop!

even more to explore here –


Thank you for reading! and let me know what are u interested in to read about?


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