diy personalised gift - act of love that will last

DIY personalised gift – Act of love that will last

( this blog post is written by Hearty – virtual assistant and guest writer)


What makes you happy? What makes your loved one feel that he is valued?  The answers can be – kind words, touches and other kind of acts of love. Sometimes it  could be a simple act of service like a massage from wife/husband, a meal from mom, a ride from his dad or a kind message from your friend or sibling. Giving and receiving are 2 simple acts in this world that could satisfy persons life. We give and receive in many ways. Doctors give life to a sick or dying man, Teachers give knowledge to their students, Police give safety to people, TV Personalities, performers give entertainment to audience. But we have one common way that is done in every special season – Christmas, Valentines, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Birthdays and Anniversaries, that is GIFT-GIVING. And one of the acts of love can be personalised gifts for all occasions.

diy personalised gift - act of love that will last
diy personalised gift – act of love that will last

Gift-giving is the easiest and fastest way to express our love and appreciation to someone, it is the most convenient way to surprise and melt someone’s heart. Sounds easy, but you cant get away with times when you cant think of any idea of what to give to your mom, dad, siblings, grandparents, friends and so on. Here are some simple ideas you can get for gift-giving to your loved ones:


Girls or women dont really require guys to buy expensive gifts like life size teddy bears or the most expensive chocolates in the world (they would appreciate but they dont really require). Just imagine how many lunch dates, dinner dates you would need to sacrifice for that gift alone. Here are some ultimate gift ideas for you girlfriend/wife:


If your girl loves taking photos and bringing along with her, her camera, you can grab a used scarf and turn it into a strap, its unique and she’ll surely love it.  HOW TO MAKE A CAMERA STRAP FROM SCARF

Scarf to camera strap


CANDY CAKE (Literally)

Who is this girl would not want to see a cake made up of bars of chocolates in her bed? She better check herself. Here is another unique idea to make for your girlfriend or wife on your anniversary.  HOW TO MAKE A CANDY CAKE

candy cake


These days, photos are kept in social media accounts, albums in facebook, single photo memory in Instagram and Twitter, Photo diary in tumblr and a lot more. How about taking one or 2 photos from those and create a gift that she can see without logging in any account. HOW TO MAKE POLAROID MAGNETS

polaroid magnets


Now this is best for the wife or girlfriend who is fond of reading, man I guarantee you, she’ll surely love this. HOW TO MAKE HEART BOOKMARK

heart bookmark


Does your wife or girlfriend also in-love with four-legged buddies with fur? Give her something that she could use for this little buddy of hers, but of course she’ll forever keep because you made it and its from you. HOW TO MAKE DOG ROPE LEASH

dog rope leash


Men dont really like keeping lots of items in their rooms or cabinets. They usually keep only those they can really use or stuff that they really need. Here are awesome gift ideas for your boyfriend or husband:


They say that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and yes it is! But how about we add something to make a shorter way to his heart (he will surely love this).  HOW TO MAKE PRINTABLE BREAD WRAPPER

printable bread wrapper


Thinking of so many ideas of what to give; his favorite books, DVDs, game CDs, love letter or love note, sweets and stuff but does not know how to put them all together? Check this Love Basket gift idea for your boyfriend to help you keep all together the ideas that are on your mind.  HOW TO MAKE A LOVE BASKET

of love


Does boyfriend or husband love beer? If so, then this could be one awesome gift idea you could ever give him, lets put some twist in his beer bottles, let him open the fridge with a huge smile on his face. HOW TO MAKE BEER BOTTLE WITH A LITTLE TWIST

beer with a twist


Take him somewhere dark (but dont do quirky things yet), instead of lighting the usual bulb in the room, light this LOVE LIGHT BULB and he will surely fall more and more in love with you. HOW TO MAKE LOVE LIGHT BULB

love light bulb


 Gifts for anyone without making them!

But hey! If you don’t have so much time on your hands, but you still want to give something special and personalised to your loved one.  Simply order personalised gift from Hand crafted engravings shop. Beautiful keyrings for your loved ones with personalised messages engraved!

Personalised gift shop in UK - engravings - hand stamped keyrings - fast shipping - boyfriend girlfriend gifts
Personalised gift shop in UK – engravings – hand stamped keyrings – fast shipping – boyfriend girlfriend gifts


( blog post is written by Hearty)

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