are you perfect human being?

Are you perfect human being?

perfect human being blog post, what is perfection
perfect human being blog post, what is perfection


What is perfect human being ?

As I was wondering about life and people around me I couldn’t find perfection anywhere. I currently have  approximately 1330 friends on Facebook and 95% of them I have met in person ( it’s a rule of mine when accepting someone, with just few exceptions ) , the ones I haven’t met becomes my followers (I have 250 of those) . It’s not a huge number comparing to some of my more popular friends 🙂 , as I am musician and I meet many people , but from all of these people I have never met anyone who would be too close to perfection . Me myself is far from it too off course, but what are the things I should go for to get a bit closer to some sort of perfection? I decided to make a list , for myself to aim for and off course just to be clear with myself what I consider perfection ( that most likely doesn’t exists anyways ). And here are things I came up with …

In my opinion…. ( and only mine… )
Perfect is someone who –
  • -Runs their own business , does something they enjoy doing and is responsible for their own wage and income instead of earning money for a big company…
  • – plays an instrument, paints or does other art related activities
  • – does some sports activities fairly regular ( more than twice a week) and keeps the body in shape
  • – eats healthy, takes care of their body
  • – gives back to society. For example, any kind of charity work, or simply donating to charity regularly.
  • – travels often to see the rest of the world, to widen views and opinions about life and white world
  • – have wide and open views about life, does not judge other cultures or other people
  • – have healthy relationship
  • – have healthy a friends circle
  • – does not drink too much ( only occasionally ) and does not smoke regularly or not smoke at all
  • – doesn’t do drugs and isn’t interested in related activities
  • – is considerate of other people
  • – doesn’t push his/her opinions too much on others
  • – doesn’t have the habit or arguing about things that aren’t worth wasting energy about
  • – doesn’t get involved in creating rumours or gossip about other people
  • – is easy to get along with and loves people
  • – also wants and likes his/ her own space
  • – does mostly things in life that they love instead of working job they hate or hanging out with people he/she dislike
  • – creates a good energy around them in all they do in their daily lives
  • – is good at resolving conflict
  • – is reliable , does what have promised. Her/his Word means a million
  • – is not late to events, knows how to organise their life and each day
  • – is interested in outside world , have a curious nature
  • – doesn’t cheat on the other half and knows what he/she is saying or doing to not hurt other people as much as it is possible
  • – doesn’t lie to himself or others
  • – doesn’t blame anyone else or society for his/her failures
  • – tries to overcome their fears every day in order to do things they want to do
  • – try to shape themselves to be better every day, including learning about himself/herself
  • – finds time to spend with family more often than three times a year…
  • – loves animals ….
I haven’t mention things like having kids or not , getting married or not ( I personally don’t believe in marriage but that part isn’t what creates perfection in my eyes ). I also haven’t mention religion or God in the list what I am sure many of you readers would like to add to the list. I didn’t mention it mainly because I am not religious myself and even though I believe in some sort of higher energy or something , it is hard to describe as religion or God as these things are connected to bible or other religious books that have rules to follow and I don’t believe in rules ( funny , because I have made a list of “perfect human rules ” haha ) . I would be happy to hear your thoughts on comments ! What do you consider a perfect human being ? What would you add to the list and what of these “rules” you would take off the list ?

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