How to hire SEO virtual assistant in Philippines. Tricks and tips for entrepreneurs.

How to hire SEO Virtual Assistant in Philippines

Recently I have been trying to boost my Shopify store. I know few things about SEO, but willing to hire someone who would know a bit more than myself and would be willing to work on it. I myself don’t want to do it as I am a bit busy and I have way more on my plate than just 1 entrepreneurship stuff… It’s not a “day job”, but it’s way too many different self employed tasks and responsibilities.

I already have part time virtual assistant for business social media. Personal social media I manage myself. And I wanted to find someone with SEO skills. However, it proved to be way much more difficult than I thought it’s gonna be. I am sure it would be easy for someone who don’t now anything about SEO. As I have seen met VAs online who can brainwash you into hiring them. They have huge client base! But why? After a little trying out I realised, many of them have multiple employers who each thinks they been hired full time… SEO is a tricky thing to track… After all it’s a lot of content research and tracking.

How to hire SEO virtual assistant in Philippines. Tricks and tips for entrepreneurs.
How to hire SEO virtual assistant in Philippines. Tricks and tips for entrepreneurs.

Problems you may encounter…And what to ask?

  • Many SEO guys doesn’t want to use Time tracking app! ( of course, if they have 10 employers or more who each hired them to be full time workers… why would they want to use it… )
  • Give them tests or ask the right questions… Not in all the tasks tests can be an answer. Even though graphics designers could have tests for sure. But in SEO specialist case my question was about backlinks. And what I wanted them to tell me is – I will create very few (maybe 3) backlinks a week, because too many backlinks can be dangerous according to google.
  • Don’t expect them to be perfect. Yes, you want everything to be perfect, but nothing will ever be… Everyone is just a human. They can thrive for perfection, and that is the best you can wish for.
  • Don’t trust promises, but look at their work… In SEO promises are a bit tricky thing. SEO is also constant research. Do see what they are been up to for a while, give them test time… I hired a guy for test time who said he will update on page SEO for 200 pages on my site by the end of the month. When after 3 weeks he still wasn’t done with 100, I was worried… I did fire him. As I knew what he was doing on those listing pages, and it sure doesn’t take that long! Plus I had a feeling that he have way too many employers…
  • Don’t trust one keyword the guy was successful at… In some cases it is really long tale keyword with very little competition and SEO candidate was working for this employer for 2 years….
  • They are not experts on everything ! Every one have their weakness and strenghts. It’s hard to find the best one for affordable price. But just don’t give up!
  • Before hiring someone you might need to know a little ( or a lot ) about job you are hiring for. When I asked one of the applicants about how many backlinks he will create a week, he replied 500! One thing though! One of google latest updates can penalise your site you they see that many backlinks created in a week. It is considered unnatural link building practice… If I hired that guy my site would have taken off the internet by google! Check backlink tips and advice from this blog.
  • Insist on using time tracking. I rarely check time tracking for my other VA, but time to time I do. This is a bit more important in the beginning. The VA needs to gain your trust first. However, I would’t trust someone who refuses to use time tracking  when he is hired to work certain hours a day , whatever the reasons are for refusing…
  • Good entrepreneurs fire fast and hire slow…. I read this somewhere and the more I learn about entrepreneurship the more I agree …

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Good webpage to find your virtual assistants is this.

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