Obsessed Entrepreneur equals more sales. Etsy shop entrepreneurship. SEO. Business tips. Blog for entrepreneurs. Inspiration.

Obsessed Entrepreneur Equals More Sales

I am someone who still does entrepreneurship as a hobby and as a school. No, not the real school with classrooms, but the school of experience, learning from mistakes in the real time, trying things out, falling down and getting up again and yes, in the meanwhile I am having fun!

I have been more obsessed recently to try things again and sales numbers are growing again.

SEO is a tricky business. I am searching Marmalead.com for Etsy again and again. And there comes the obsessive times when I discover a good keyword and all I want to do is update all the possible listings on my shop with that particular keyword. And do not go to sleep until I do! Even if it’s getting close to 6am already. But that’s no big deal really, I have even living like this for years and years.

Inspiration boosts inspiration 

The same happens for me in music. ( As I am also musician.) The more I dig into some new musical learnings, the more inspired I am. And entrepreneurship is the same. Life is the same! You sometimes need to seek for inspiration though.

How to search for inspiration?

Internet can be an inspirational place. But doing and trying things out can’t be missed out on either! There are plenty of podcasts, broadcasts, blogs and youtube videos that can inspire you! But I had times when I watched and listened so much, but there was not so much action going on. Suggestion to you and myself as well – always try to keep the balance! One of my favourite podcasts out there is still Pat Flyns one. Some days I decide that I will listen at least one episode to get a bit inspired, to keep me in the mindset. I also like this crazy women called “Scoprah”, she can be found on Periscope app. Actually I don’t even do entrepreneurship that is to do with blogging or coaching or selling courses…(It’s what these guys that I mentioned does.)  But who knows, what the future will bring…

I was recently interviewed as an entrepreneur by my favourite webpage for Etsy. Maybe I will be and inspiration to someone as well. Already mentioned in this blog – marmalead.com. That is the very first time I was interviewed as an entrepreneur.. Strange! I have been interviewed as musician multiple times… But it seems as totally different thing… Of course, I couldn’t hide my musician side in the podcasts completely. I end up recording little guitar intro for them… Entrepreneurs seems to like my jazz side…  But what I have discovered is, that jazz musicians aren’t very interested about entrepreneur stuff … So I try too keep things separate…  I am both. And who am I more? One thing people should understand…

You are Not What you Do!! 


Obsessed Entrepreneur equals more sales. Etsy shop entrepreneurship. SEO. Business tips. Blog for entrepreneurs. Inspiration.
Obsessed Entrepreneur equals more sales. Etsy shop entrepreneurship. SEO. Business tips. Blog for entrepreneurs. Inspiration.

One of the biggest Obsessed Entrepreneurs out there I know seems to be Grant Cardone. Again, discovered him year ago, when I was actively using Periscope broadcast app. He have the rule of 10 times more. Wish 10 times more and do 10 time more. I remember hat did helped me at times, when I was in my obsessed moods.


It is believed that it takes roughly 10,000 hours worth of practice to master any particular skill or craft — it takes 10,000 hours to fully understand and have a grasp of the subject matter to the point of mastery.

Check also How to succeed on Etsy tips!

As the title add to the blog about Etsy success I can give another tip…. Always go and check what are your best keywords! Check last 7 days, check last 30 days. The best performing keywords are the key! Try also the 3rd or 4th best performing one. On Marmalead there is a great little “shop fitness calculator”… Thinks I have discovered by checking out that calculator and my already successful keywords! And more I fiddle around these things the more sales comes! And that’s why I talked about obsession…

And I was just lucky to get a nice review today on my keyring shop. Here is the review –

Caitlin K on Aug 15, 2016

5 out of 5 stars

 Absolutely perfect! I wear it every day. The craftsmanship is flawless and I positively adore it! Thank you for such a wonderful product!!
Reviews like this makes you want to be obsessed even more!

Good luck folks with your journey! Subscribe to my blog if you find it helpful and interesting! And see you soon again !










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