Catching up on Etsy and Social media

So I havent been writing at all these days. I guess for me it goes in phases. Is it common? For entrepreneur or generally human? Possibly. But maybe not. Am I unusual?

My recent discoveries are

Mass Planner


Today I discovered Instagram ‘stories’! I know ! I am slow! I have seen them before but never tried  and never even knew what they are! Even though Challene Johnson talked about them some while ago… I guess I just didnt pay attention.

But about Mass Planner! That I have been using for some months now. And followers and posting automated, all is growing. It is software that mostly works on windows, it can manage many different social media platforms, like and comment as human, follow and unfollow as much or as little you set up for it to do. Because if its too much Instagram or other social media platforms will block you and stop you! So find out the rules and limits before using! However, I m planning soon to monitize it! Instagram as business…

Other stuff that happened during these months of me being quiet… I visited New York! Yeah! And it wouldnt have happened if I didnt have Etsy shop! I mean financially!

My shop is growing! And sales.

And my other shops are growing too.

Christmas is coming ! So 1 little tip for etsy sellers out there! Start adding Christmas to your keywords and titles. It will PAY OFF!

Happy Holiday season and keep diggin!

and check more tips on on of my previous blogs…


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