selling on etsy - how to succeed

Nearly 2000 sales after 1 year of Etsy Shop

How did I get nearly 2000 sales after 1 year of opening Etsy shop?

Usual answers and tips for succeed ( plus some more) – best products, plus also best gifts I have in my shop. Learning more about SEO every month, using “trending keywords’ is very important, good pictures – yes I will repeat this again, similar type of products. I mean – really similar! In fact 99 percent of my products looks almost exactly the same, but there are differences in what is written on them of course. And this is what sells. In my shops case , quotes is what sells. Personalised is what sells. And what is trending? Here is a little idea that I haven’t done yet – President stuff! Of course everyone is interested in what is going on! And no, I am not a Trump fan and wouldn’t make a product with his name, no way! However, I don’t mind Obama, and I know many still love him and miss him and will follow his newest activities. I am telling you about it maybe too soon, as I haven’t even made “new Obama” products. Mainly because I have a lot of sales and that gives me not much time to improve my shop. Because guess what, my shop already is a success and if I had more sales than I need to hire people… Hiring is a lot of stress and time involving process and I am a bit of a lazy person sometimes. I have posted an ad for it though and slowly meeting some people. It might take a bit of time to find the right person to hire. And before I do that, I will probably just keep my shop as it is… One of the reasons why I had loads of sales in xmas is because my shop is mainly gift shop and I did added keyword ‘christmas gift’ to many of my listings. And what I am doing currently? Off course adding “valentines day gift” to some of my listings.

selling on etsy - how to succeed
etsy seller tips for success blog post

Got the A score in my Marmalead shop fitness. Not A+ yet. But I didn’t have A ever before. So I am quite proud of it.

I experimented with my graphics design shop. But many mistakes I have made in the process. My so to say “improvements” have reduced my sales. MY mistake is – adding slightly different style to my products. Mistake!!! Should have just opened new shop for the new style products. Plus I didn’t have ‘best selling’ scores before either. So I couldn’t just live on my most popular listings.

Little improvement that took a little of my workload was – I ordered one of my most selling items to be made in China. I send them the pic and they made 300 of them. But since I have many customised gift options on my Etsy store, this will not work for my other listings.

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