Hitting Buzzfeed and Huffingtonpost

So I happen to hit the buzzfeed and huffingtonpost in few months time. I mean my product from my shop did it. On its own! On its own legs LOL Dont really know how it happened. But it happened. Didnt really try. But I did loads of stuff for Pinterest during the year. Currently i have nearly as much traffic from Pinterest than from Etsy itself. And it was high number of sales in those feature days. Glad I had premade stuff from china and didnt have to make every single piece…

Royal post is being annoying lately. Many usa customers get it quite late. however, maybe not so many. as from hundreds and hundreds of packages i have send out during few months,  i maybe have complains as 5-10 percent. I did have few good reviews too. and some happy customer messages too!

examples –

“Thank you a LOT Nora! I just got my order and I literally fell in love for it! Thank you so much for your good work,
Have a nice Valentine’s day !

“yes perfect arrived this a.m., just as hubby got downstairs! my children and i tied the little bag with keyring to our dogs collar, so he wasnt left out of gift procession, and brought his valentines gifts into the kitchen in a row!! haha xx”

Ahh ! sometimes its so lovely!

some happy customers! and time to time my heart melts and i just do extra sides of my pieces, extra little work with no extra cost for them. even send out some for free for this dog rescuer. well, if she rescues loads of dogs, couldn’t say no…

huff post


the other thing i have been doing is started to network more….

in my life i have mostly musician friends ( cos besides etsy i m musician). dont have any entrepreneur friends and i have decided to get some. and it appears that there is app for that. for sort of business contacts/people… shapr its called. so i m giving it a go.

so yeah. thats that.

advice for others maybe i can give?

hmm. be open. look for new opportunities. work smart ( not hard). if something is selling, think how can u make a product that is somewhat similar, and maybe that will sell even more, that is what happened to me. and networking is a thing too! meet likeminded to get ideas. maybe seek mentors too. 🙂


Cheers! till next time.







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