back to business mode

i m coming back to blogging today. and etsy. and life thoughts that translates into business always as well.

because there is a risk of sleeping on laurels. when u lose something there comes the realisation.

we dont think as much of the things we have. APPRECIATE.

we think much more of things we dont have.

what we should think of is THINGS & ACHIEVEMENTS WE WILL HAVE.

having a look at one of my favorite teachers on the web – Pat Flynn.

other teachers and inspirers i look and learn from are – grant cardone, dan pena, napoleon hill.

i got back into reading, studying , learning. i need to get to the next level.

not fear of losing anything. i need to have multiple streams and things i do. not everything is about money.  everything is about living. enjoying. ACHIEVING and PASSION. achievements are not always measured in numbers.

thats the thing about my biggest passion – music. level of musicianship is really hard to measure.

nearly impossible . until u get some ‘life achievement’ award. ( remembering recent nigel  price in jazz guitar.) the reality of day to day musician is playing a lot of gigs that u dont even enjoy doing. although there is wisdom and thought to give to persons ability to enjoy all things and appreciate.



etsy shop success.


seo strategy.


dig into analysing your stats for each listing. what keywords work now? what does market want? witch of your keywords have no searches at all ? GET RID OF THEM.

look both 12 months. and 30 days numbers. look at what changed.

perfect to have notes about all this.

this particular blog is not a ‘business’ and is not thought through.

i will work in that if i will see the point in this.

for now , dear reader, get what u get from this . i hope to give at least some little little value.



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