curvy is beautiful but healthy and fit and curvy is even more beautiful.

Walk in the park and business inspiration, HEALTHY IS BEAUTIFUL , and curvy is too.

It is important to move. Have you heard about 10k steps a day? It is very popular these days. I agree. I agree with being active as part of success in life and in business. I try to work out few times a week in gym, I go on bike rides at least 1-2 times a week. ( to my guitar students sometimes… as i am also guitar teacher.. ) . Sometimes i do kayaking… yes, in London… There are canals and rivers here as hard that is to believe!
So my recent habbit that is only 4-5 days old is to go for walk in the nearest park. I don’t go where people walk on the pavement. I go straight to grass bits, people there are usually lying , sleeping, hanging out, not walking. But i walk. I have y earphones on and i listen inspirational books, business books. I try to improve myself, learn new things and get inspired in the same time trying to achieve at least some part of 10k steps a day. ( usually its 5k or 7k only, but at least something.) Since my decision to exercise and eat healthy ( decision was 3 months ago.), i feel so much better and i have more energy. You may think it was to do with looking better and loosing weight, and yes, there is some truth to that too, but Believe me, that wasnt my main reason! I now weight like a want to weight and like how i look, but i keep going . Why? because when i learn and finally KNOW HOW IT is to feel healthy and fit, you dont want to go back to beeing weak and out of breath after few steps on the stairs. I just love the feeling of being strong and healthy again!
Yes, maybe i lost 10kg and want to lose 5 more. But I could easily stay at the weight i am now. I love my current look! I even judge other women sooooo much less for how they look. Now when i see curvy woman i see BEAUTY. It all comes down to LOVING YOURSELF. And exercise and healthy food have made me love me so much more. And feel better!
Walking in the park also combines listening to entrepreneur books. And what i see is , the happy entrepreneurs out there are the ones who lives healthy lifestyle.
Curvy is beautiful. But being curvy and strong and have a bit of muscle is EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL.
Have a wonderful day you all!
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