mixing silver and gold jewelry . good or bad?

mixing gold and silver jewelry. good or bad?

Since child my mother used to tell me that it is not tasteful to mix gold and silver jewelry pieces. But here I am. Grown up woman, And still have these silly old views about old fashion… Is it really not tasteful? or it’s just here in my head ( and other people heads, i assume… ) ? has fashion moved on since then?

According to my short search online. yes.

However, there are discussions and opinions that you need to look into the specific silver shade, as there are different type of silver metals around.

There could be question if I can mix different type of silver even!

They do have so many different shades!

They do say – mix colours but not styles...

I might agree. However. Question. Can I wear rings and bracelet on one arm in 1 style but different style on the other? 2 arms…. 2 styles…. Just my wondering. Obviously it’s up to me. And if people dig my 2 hand style or not, it is up to them. Do you really need to care about the rules in general? And what people consider good or bad. Don’t you have your own taste, and your own head on shoulders?

But we all have these voices in our heads. Whats good. What isn’t. What will others think… Even rebels like me have those thoughts popping in my head time to time.

I guess overall question is simply. Learn how to be yourself no matter what. And be rebellious against your own doubts, as that’s where the real truth comes out. When we kill the doubts and fears. Real truth and real you.



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