How I made my first sale on Etsy 4 days since opening

Hi there, I am experienced Etsy seller. Well, I have been doing it for 2 years and it’s working… Even if some sellers has been on Etsy for 5 and 10 years, it is often that they don’t have many sales.

One of my shops have nearly 5000 sales and I am hoping to really kick the new one to break my own records.

In fact, I already broke all my personal records in getting sale in 4 days.

My biggest tip, along with the right keywords and photos and all that is, LOOK FOR THE TRENDS….

A lot of times there are things that are very obviously popular. For example I have heard that children and baby stuff sells and jewelry. But hey! It’s not just any baby stuff… It’s not just any jewelry! Do your research!! One idea leads to another…. Look at how many sales shops have. For example I found 1 particular item to be super popular. And any shop that I see selling this particular item is doing well! There are even shops that just sells this 1 item! I won’t say what it is…. But I have experienced this more than once. I have set trends myself, seeing afterwards people copying me… And this is how it goes… It wasn’t my super original idea, it was just something I used different than others…  However after months of being successful at 1 product and making more similar product variations, I have noticed more and more shops using this idea. If I would talk of printing  things on t-shirts for example it would be – finding popular ( not copyrighted) quote and use it slightly differently, say, replacing some words with images. It’s not super original and I have seen it around, however, what if I started print that on hats… What if I started to print that on…. socks?? think outside of the box….. However something out of the things you do need to be somewhat trending product. For example – personalisation – that is something that is always trendy on Etsy. But it’s just one of many things. Sometimes there are trends within the trends… Narrow it down…

I know many of us – Etsy sellers started it for totally different reasons. for the arts sake! me too. But my mind have switched a bit. I have art in other aspects of my life. And on Etsy I add little art here and there, but it’s more about following the trend rather than making art that no one is interested to buy. There is always some kind of meeting in the middle option. Art can go in so many directions.

Obviously- don’t forget about keywords research! And yes, please repeat your title and keywords the same! That is something Etsy sellers sometimes miss out on… Sometimes… Do the same as someone successful, but try to make it even better… But even if you won’t make it better but slightly ( only slightly ) worse, you still have a big chance to win. But choose wisely, who you copy, what trends you follow.

There is plenty more to it….

I have loads of automated Pinterest and multiple instagrams… and so on…

I automate a lot of things. And research how each platform works again and again. But all of that.. in the other blog…


All the best..

Let me know how your sales goes if you’re Etsy seller.. I look forward to some comments…


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