Ebay dropshipping

I haven’t been writing here for a while. 6 months or more…

It’s because I am very ‘changy’ person.

I get into things, get obsessed with them for a while and after a while I get bored of it. Unless it brings me regular income worth while. So blogging and writing didn’t do it. I wan’t persistent enough though. As I simply wrote cos I liked writing. I didn’t monetise things in a good way and all.

My very newest ‘passion’ and ‘hobby’ and business venture is ebay dropshipping.

Yes, I know, this blog maybe was more about Etsy. Where people are more nice in general. Seller on ebay can be some lions really… Attacking others and all.. Watched some videos. Makes me sick.

I chose to ignore it right now.

I started more than 2 weeks ago.

I do amazon to ebay dropshipping. I copy someone who successful already.

Ways to succeed in any business fast enough is simply copy someone who is very good at it…

I check what items has this shop sold recently and copy the items. I have had 60 orders in over 2 weeks now. Good or bad? Umm… It’s more about weather there is any profit.

I use Hustle got real application. Check here.

Where system automatically track if items get out of stock or the price changes. I also check this girl on youtube. “broke to boss girl’ it’s called.

Regarding profits here is my opinion… Even though there are no profits yet, I believe it takes a month or 2 to get things right… And this is marathon not a sprint. After all ebay only allows you to post 10 items at first. ( Even though, I had a good start, with 190 items, as I have sold few things in past and ebay trusted me enough to straight away increase my limits without even asking.) Since ebay doesn’t really ‘like’ dropshipping, even though they don’t stop 95% from doing it as far as I know ( by checking some utubers about the subject). I am afraid to call them to increase my limits.

Hustle Got Real really helps to automate everything and it is free to start using it … It is not only connected to Amazon, but to a lot of stores out there. I’m UK based so things are different at this end…

The other thing I have used recently is this app “shapr’. It’s simply connecting to other entrepreneurs in the city. However. Some of them are into network marketing that I ‘hate’ a little bit…. I don’t want to speak to folks only to ‘gain’ some profit from them. Human interaction is human interaction. However. Online business works differently, in my opinion. Maybe it’s more ‘ignorant’ way. As you don’t really see your ‘customers’ etc.

Having to click on a link seems like a different ball game.

However. I also wonder if I contradict myself. By judging face to face selling when accepting and doing online selling… It’s quirk in my strange personality I guess…



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