gift ideas blog- jewellery and more

Hi, my name is Nora Bee. I am in my 30s. But age is just a number. And I am so many things. What to begin with?

First, I have been professional musician for most of my life, however this particular blog won’t talk of music as much but will feature my other side, my other nature… It’s gonna be more about my entrepreneurial and artistic journey. I am artist, fashionist, jewelry and accessory seller and maker. I sell on Etsy ( and I am partially responsible for some shops) ( Bees Keychains, Bees Prints, Melnu Leather gifts, Xo jewelry) and Shopify ( Bees gift ideas).  I have shared some Etsy seller tips here. I will do more of it. I have shared some fashion polyvore compilations. And will do more of it. I might just be myself. I mean, my other side myself.  I never have worked 9-5. All my life I have been self-employed. Sometimes broke and sometimes feeling rich. After being broke 10k in the bank account seems a lot of money! I live in London city, where that sum of money is nothing really. But it’s all ups and downs.

I will keep going and will keep experimenting. I will keep risking and will keep exploring.

Some of my past mistakes can be read here.

But there is and will be more to it. I also share my successes. So stick around.





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