gift ideas blog- jewellery and more
gift ideas blog- jewellery and more

Hi ,my name is Nora Bee. I am fearless and crazy sometimes. I Make handmade gifts that are handstamped keyrings. I love entrepreneurship and I have more businesses online than that one. Before being entrepreneur learner I was and am professional musician and teacher. It is still one of my main income streams. I don’t understand working for anyone, but then again it is also good to learn and explore new things. I currently live in London, where I also enjoy cycling and exploring the city. One of my first shops sold crocheted hats and cushions and later it become polymer clay jewellery shop. I like the change, I get bored easily, I can be impatient as I often want things to happen much faster than they do! The same in entrepreneurship of  course! My handstamped keyring shop had quite fast success with up to 30 sales a day before Valentines day fever and more than 500 after only 5 months since opening the shop. I had loads of mistakes in the past with my previous shop, you can read a bit more  here, however that blog post is only about beginning stage of that business. I am also professional musician and I have played music most of my life. However, this page is more devoted to my business activities as well as advice in picking gifts for loved ones, life discoveries, some jewellery stuff and maybe more. See how we go!




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